24 Children's Books About Knights

Published May 26, 2023

Discover a curated selection of children's books about knights, carefully categorized for different age groups and reading levels. These captivating tales not only entertain but also offer valuable historical insights, moral lessons, and spark imagination, making them perfect for young readers.

Knights have always been figures that ignite the spark of fascination in young minds. Their adventures, bravery, and chivalry have been at the heart of countless bedtime stories, captivating the imaginations of children worldwide. The tales of these medieval champions not only inspire dreams of daring quests and legendary dragons, but also offer valuable lessons about history, values like courage, loyalty, and honor.

In the world of children's literature, books about knights hold a special significance. These stories go beyond the thrilling adventures and delve into moral lessons, historical contexts, and promote creativity and imagination. Furthermore, they play a pivotal role in literacy development, especially for those who are just starting their reading journey. The narratives filled with colorful illustrations and compelling characters can make the process of learning to read more enjoyable and less daunting for young readers.

In this blog post, we have carefully curated a list of children's books about knights. The list is thoughtfully categorized to cater to different age groups and reading levels, making it easier for parents, caregivers, or educators to pick the right book for their little ones. We've sorted the books into four key categories: Picture Books for Toddlers, Beginner Reading Books for Preschoolers, Interactive Children's Books, and Educational Books for Young Readers. Each category has its unique characteristics and offers a diverse range of books to choose from. Whether you're looking for a picture book for a bedtime story or an interactive book to keep your child engaged, this list has something for everyone. We hope this comprehensive list will open up a new world of knights and castles for your young readers. Happy reading!

Beginner Reading Books on Knights for Preschoolers

Introduce preschoolers to the world of knights with these engaging and accessible books. Filled with colorful illustrations and simple text, these books will captivate young readers and spark their imagination.

  • The Princess and the Knight by Beatrice Costamagna: Discover a delightful twist on the traditional princess and knight story in this charming book by Beatrice Costamagna. Follow the brave princess as she embarks on an unexpected adventure with a knight who defies stereotypes.
  • There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight by Penny Parker Klostermann: Enjoy a humorous and rhyming tale of a dragon with a big appetite in this entertaining book by Penny Parker Klostermann. Follow the dragon's hilarious antics as he devours knights and encounters unexpected consequences.
  • The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp, Sara Ogilvie: Meet the feisty princess in this empowering book by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie. Join her as she challenges traditional princess roles and shows that being true to oneself is the greatest adventure of all.
  • Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure by Kristina Stephenson: Join Sir Charlie Stinky Socks on his exciting adventure in this fun and playful book by Kristina Stephenson. Follow him as he explores a castle filled with knights, monsters, and surprises.
  • Knight in Training: Dragons Can't Swim by Vivian French, David Melling: Join Sam, a young knight in training, as he faces challenges and learns important lessons in this delightful book by Vivian French and David Melling. Discover the importance of friendship and perseverance on the path to knighthood.
  • Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey by Alison Lester: Join Noni the Pony on a heartwarming adventure in this charming book by Alison Lester. Follow Noni as she helps rescue a little joey and learns the value of kindness and friendship along the way.

Interactive Children's Books About Knights

Engage young readers with these interactive books that bring the world of knights to life. With lift-the-flaps, pop-ups, and interactive features, these books provide a hands-on learning experience and spark curiosity.

  • Usborne Slot-Together Castle with a Knight and His Horse by Usborne: Build your own castle with this interactive slot-together book by Usborne. Follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble a castle, and then use the included knight and horse figures to create imaginative play scenarios.
  • Pop-up Facts: Human Body by Richard Dungworth: While not specifically about knights, this interactive pop-up book by Richard Dungworth includes a section on medieval medicine and the role of knights in healthcare. Explore the human body and learn about medical practices of the past.
  • Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Knights by Katie Daynes: Explore the world of knights with this interactive lift-the-flap book by Katie Daynes. Discover fascinating facts about armor, jousting, castles, and more as you lift the flaps to reveal hidden surprises.
  • Press Out and Decorate: Knights and Dragons by Kate McLelland: Unleash your creativity with this interactive book by Kate McLelland. Press out the knights, dragons, and other elements, and decorate them using stickers and coloring pencils. Create your own knightly scenes and adventures.
  • Knights and Castles: A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #2: The Knight at Dawn by Will Osborne, Mary Pope Osborne: Join Jack and Annie on their knightly adventure with this nonfiction companion book by Mary Pope Osborne and Will Osborne. Learn more about knights, castles, and medieval times through informative text and accompanying illustrations.
  • Knight: A Noble Guide for Young Squires by Dugald A. Steer: Become a noble guide for young squires with this interactive book by Dugald A. Steer. Lift flaps, turn wheels, and unfold pages to learn about the life of a knight, including their armor, weapons, and chivalry.

Educational Books on Medieval Knights for Young Readers

Immerse young readers in the fascinating world of medieval knights with these educational books. From hands-on activities to in-depth explorations, these books provide valuable insights into the life of knights and the medieval era.

  • You Wouldn't Want to Be a Medieval Knight! by Fiona MacDonald: Discover the challenges of being a medieval knight with this interactive book by Fiona Macdonald. Through humorous illustrations and informative text, learn about the rigorous training, dangerous battles, and demanding lifestyle of knights.
  • Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections Castle by Richard Platt: Explore the inner workings of a medieval castle with this intricately detailed book by Richard Platt. With cross-section illustrations, discover the different rooms, defenses, and daily life inside a castle, including the role of knights.
  • The Usborne Book of Knights by Laura Farnworth: Delve into the history of knights with this informative book by Laura Farnworth. Learn about different types of knights, their training, weapons, and chivalric code through detailed illustrations and engaging text.
  • Knightology: A True Account of the Most Valiant Knights by Dugald A. Steer: Delve into the world of knights with this interactive book by Dugald A. Steer. Learn about famous knights, their weapons, armor, and quests through detailed illustrations, lift-the-flaps, and hidden compartments.
  • Knights and Castles: 50 Hands-On Activities to Explore the Middle Ages by Avery Hart, Paul Mantell: Engage in hands-on learning with this activity book by Avery Hart and Paul Mantell. Discover the world of knights and castles through interactive projects, such as building a model castle, creating armor, and learning about medieval customs.
  • Days of the Knights: A Tale of Castles and Battles by Christopher Maynard: Embark on a journey through the medieval world with this book by Christopher Maynard. Follow the adventures of a young squire as he learns about knighthood, battles, and the code of chivalry in this engaging historical tale.

Picture Books About Knights for Toddlers

Introduce your toddlers to the exciting world of knights with these engaging and charming picture books. Filled with colorful illustrations and simple stories, these books will capture their imagination and spark their love for knights and adventure.

  • Do Knights Take Naps? by Nick Sharratt, Kathy Tucker: Explore the whimsical world of knights and their bedtime routines in this playful book by Kathy Tucker and Nick Sharratt. Little ones will giggle as they learn whether knights take naps or not.
  • The Bravest Knight by Mercer Mayer: Discover the story of a young knight who proves that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes in this captivating book by Mercer Mayer. Join him on his quest as he faces challenges and finds the courage within.
  • The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie dePaola: Join the brave knight and the friendly dragon in this delightful book by Tomie dePaola. Follow their unexpected friendship as they learn the true meaning of bravery and teamwork.
  • That's Not My Knight... by Fiona Watt: Embark on a tactile adventure with this touch-and-feel book by Fiona Watt. Little ones will enjoy exploring different textures as they meet various knights in search of their own special knight.
  • Good Night, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas: Join the good knight on his nighttime adventures in this gentle and heartwarming book by Shelley Moore Thomas. Follow him as he helps his friends and ensures everyone has a peaceful night.
  • Knight Time by Jane Clarke, Jane Massey: Join a young knight as he prepares for bed in this charming book by Jane Clarke and Jane Massey. Follow his nighttime routine as he gets ready for a cozy and adventurous knight's sleep.


In the magical world of children's literature, stories about knights have a unique charm. As we have seen in this comprehensive list, these books can take many forms, from vividly illustrated picture books for toddlers to interactive books that bring stories to life. Each book has the potential to captivate the minds of young readers, whisking them away on adventures filled with bravery, loyalty, and a dash of medieval history.

The stories contained within these pages do much more than entertain. They instill values and foster a sense of curiosity and imagination in young minds. The lessons children learn from these tales can have a lasting impact, shaping their understanding of historical periods, moral values, and cultural narratives.

Yet, our journey into the realm of knights doesn't have to end here. With a plethora of books waiting to be discovered, there's always a new adventure on the horizon. Whether it's a story of a brave knight embarking on a daring quest or a tale highlighting the chivalry of these medieval warriors, these books are sure to bring joy to the reading experience. So, let's continue to inspire our children with these tales of valor, encouraging them to explore and learn from the fascinating world of knights.

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